Day 23, 729: Pruning my Closet

Having had many different closets over time, I’ve had many different systems of organizations. They all worked and were designed based on the shape and size of my closet. My most efficient closet had outfits pre-set on hangers with the most recently worn up front, so I knew to go to the back to find things that had been neglected.

In my current closet, the largest I’ve ever had, I have sections by type of garment organized by lately by color.  I have one section for sweaters, one for pant suits, one for blazers, one for slacks, and one for shirts and blouses. It was in the blouse section more than others that I came face to face with my abundance of similar things. It was here, when I organized by color that I uncovered the uncomfortable fact that I own 12 black shirts. Not 3 or 4 or 5, but a full dozen.

If I were Cait Flanders, author of The Year of Less, I would immediately slim down my wardrobe and get rid of most of these shirts, leaving perhaps one or two. Like Cait, I hear my parents in my head saying “We paid good money for those.” And I did. And each shirt is good as well.  Unlike Cait, I’m not donating any of them. Instead, I’m committing to wearing them.

Conscious Closeting

I am pruning my wardrobe nonetheless of old suits, other shirts, and even old costume jewelry.  I’m ridding myself of things I’ll never wear. That’s why I have to keep the black shirts. I will wear them. Because there are so many of them, I just won’t likely wear them out any time soon.

My new goal is keep my closet organized in such a way that I don’t forget about the things I own. That way I have a shot of using them.  I have many things similar to my black shirts that I like and would wear, if only I’d remember I had them!

Yesterday, I made a commitment to give up one thing in each drawer.  I brought up big plastic bags and went through each drawer to find at least one thing that could be donated. It wasn’t too hard as only tasked myself with finding one thing, but it wasn’t always easy either. I had the hardest time in my overstuffed t-shirt drawer where I have a full rainbow of colorful shirts. Unlike my hanging shirts, I don’t have too many multiples of any one color, but a true cacophony of many colors to suit any sort of summer mood.

The sad sign that I have too many belongings is that after filling two large bags, you couldn’t tell I had done any pruning.  Everything looks as stuffed as ever. Only I know that I put in a good effort and made some headway. There’s still a long way to go, but I’ve started down the path. It’s a true rabbit’s hole. There’s no end in sight.


Daily Focus on Gun Sanity:  Having too much of a good thing is both insane and akin to stockpiling. How many guns in any one home is enough? Just like no one should tell me how many shirts to own, I shouldn’t tell someone how many guns to own, but, at some point, unless you’re a collector of some sort, there is a number that must feel like too much for any one person.  The hard fact, states, there is no current way to take a true inventory. According to Pew Research: “Gun ownership is one of the hardest things for researchers to pin down.”  Business guru Peter Drucker was known for his emphasis on the importance of metrics and is quoted saying: What gets measured gets managed.”  One reason we can’t manage guns effectively is because they aren’t measured. It’s a good place to start when discussing gun sanity. Let’s learn to measure them so we can have a sane discussion of how much is too much.