Day 23,683: My Aching Back.

Today’s post will be short and not sweet.  My back went out a few days ago, and starting yesterday I reverted to my husband’s stronger painkillers while waiting to get in to see the chiropractor.  The horse pills work in more ways than one, making me a little more limber, but definitely more stupid.  At work I mistyped lines in forms, couldn’t find things on my desk, and realized it was important to get home sooner rather than later to put myself to bed.

Yesterday I missed going out with my group of media chicks who occasionally meet to share dinner and a movie.  I did dinner, but couldn’t sit through the movie.  When I schluffed into the restaurant and fessed up about my back, the consensus was “it sucks to get old!”

I don’t know about the age part. I’ve had a weak back most of my life, and struggle with decent posture. I’ve been back pain free for the last two years, likely a testament to exercise, so I can’t complain.  But, atonight is a night to coddle my back and climb under the covers.

Wisdom, at least in poker, is knowing when to fold ‘em.  I’m throwing in my cards tonight.  I’m not expecting to stay awake past the first half hour of any show, and hope to wake up more spry in the morning and to write another a day!

Staying Focused on Gun Sanity:  Check out, a movement started by moms to make every town safe. For free you can sign up to get text updates from them. For free, you can share their graphic that says Americans are 25X more likely to get murdered with a gun people in other developed countries. Sadly, their top issues arent even about  weapons of war, but maybe that will change, and at least they’re out there working for some change. Want to be more out there? Check their merch page. Bet you can find something that strikes a chord and helps fund their movement