Day 23,750: A Hint To Become More Still From The Universe. 

It was the first hot day of the year, but I can’t blame it on the heat.  It is a Friday after a long week, but I can’t blame it on the week.  I hadn’t had lunch, but did eat around 3, so I can’t blame it on low blood sugar. It was just a momentary lack of paying attention and it cost me a good hour. It was the day I lost the keys.

Not just any keys. The keys — to the company car!  There’s a big event tomorrow, and I got the car packed up for an easy, early take off tomorrow morning. What I didn’t plan for was a difficult cooling down before heading home.

Sadly, the car was locked tight, I could have moved everything into my own car, done the event and figured out next steps a day later when the keys would magically appear. I have both experience and faith that all lost things eventually do appear (except one that has haunted me since age 2, but that’s another story).  It was obvious the keys were somewhere in the building, but the entire event planned for tomorrow was in sudden jeopardy.

I swallowed my pride and asked for help. At least three people were helping me look. I really swallowed my pride and called authorities — first Maintenance, the department that handles fleet management, to see if there were a spare set. Yes, but the spare was in Delaware — two hours away, and if I even drove there, no one would be on duty.

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I called the campus police to see if they could pick the lock. The answer was likely yes, but I needed to wait until the security officer on duty came off duty in an hour. And even if I got the car open, I’d still have to repack my own car as without the keys the company car wasn’t driveable.

I renewed my search.  I triple checked all places I had been. I took a fresh set of eyes to check all areas. Nothing. There were only a few unlikely places left to search — places that had nothing to do with what I had been doing when I lost the keys.  And that’s when I found them. They were in my lunch box.  How did that happen? Was I finally starting to pack to go home and moving my lunch toward the door when the keys fell in?

Losing keys for me has long been a clue that my balance is out of whack.  I rarely lose keys.  I long ago learned to always put them in the same place in my purse and in my home.These keys were misplaced because they didn’t have a set place in my life. Throughout today, I kept them dutifully in my back pocket so I would know where they were. Until I didn’t.

At home, I’m the finder — the one you call when you can’t find things. It’s not like me to lose things. Yet,  on a rare occasion, I have misplaced keys.  It’s always been a time of high stress, low sleep, and too much on my plate. I know it’s the universe telling me I’ve pushed to hard or too far. In that regard, today was no different. The keys told me it was time to regroup.

There can be no rest and relaxation for the next two days as it’s a full working weekend, but I can caution myself to on guard. I need to slow down, and pay excruciating attention to my things, instead of only focusing on work details. I need to have my own back covered.

For now, I’m having a glass of wine. Then, I’m going to start to slowly pack up my personal things for tomorrow just as I was earlier packing up my work things for the event. I’m going to pay attention, not get distracted, and hope I’ve taken the hint. If so, this one incident will be the watermark, and it will all be downhill from here. Fingers crossed. Eyes on the prize.


Daily Focus on Gun Sanity: As with all things, the mantra in fighting for gun sanity needs to be: “follow the money.”  To that end, Everytown has launched a series of billboards around Dallas during this year’s annual NRA convention that look like this:Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 8.44.39 PMIf an NRA and Russia connection seems far fetched, consider John Bolton’s odd appearance in a Russian gun rights video in2013, or of NRA president David Keene  at a Russian Gun Rights lobby meeting in the same year.  Now, as part of the current FBI investigation, McClatchy and Rolling Stone are reporting on almost ten years of potential Russian and NRA collusion, most recently around the presidential election, but certainly also before.  It’s chilling, but well worth reading up on here.