Day 23, 740: A Poem.

Your apple cart has toppled
And you blame us, or would like to
So you do.

The blame in when
You took our carts away
Long ago, feeling entitled.

With that, you took our standing
Our voice,
And you thought you won.

The battle is still long
To fight our way back
To where we once were.

We started slowly and honestly.
We found our voice tentatively.
We grew oranges.

We are now a force again
To be reckoned with;
To be heard.

We are the original leaders
The original oracles
The first apple purveyors.

And we’ve moved on.

Daily Focus on Gun Sanity: According to “Most mass shootings are planned for 6 months to a year.  In almost every documented case, warning signs were given off that were not understood, were not acted upon quickly, or was was not shared with someone who could help. ”  If you suspect something, say something. Start a conversation with the someone — either the person you suspect is at risk of doing violence, or people in authority. And, keep talking. Don’t worry about offending. Upset the apple cart.