Day 23, 736: Pulled in whatever direction the wind blows.

 I get interrupted constantly everywhere I am – at home and at work. At home, it started with kids who live on their own time. There was only one time when no one interrupted me at all – during Star Trek. Everyone knew it was my sacred time.  For years, kids would sit quietly with me and listen to a show completely over their heads, but they knew the alternative was to be kicked out of the room. I should have learned from that that I could have set more boundaries if I had only had them

At work, people come and go all day through my office and are not officially interrupting. They are officially coming in to discuss work. It’s called an open door policy and someone at some time said it was a good idea.

I am also a webinar nut. I sign up for far more than the normal person, a habit started in my freelance days as a way to stay up to speed on social media trends. At work, I sign up for far fewer than I had, but over the past few months, including today, realize that I never get to listen to one from the beginning to the end uninterrupted.

If I set boundaries, e.g. put a note on my door and closed my door, I likely good make it through a webinar, but I don’t, so I don’t. Today’s webinar wasn’t even interrupted by a co-worker. It was an incoming call from a daughter. Now, I could have set boundaries and not picked up the call, but kid’s calls take precedence especially if I’ve been waiting for the call to hear about an important event or activity.

You might think I no longer get interrupted at home since the kids have moved out. Wrong. Now, I get interrupted by the pets. The dog can get very insistent when I’m blogging, and the cat requires attention at odd times always dictated by her.

All studies show that multi-tasking, including shifting from task to task from interruptions is not productive, and a real drain on brain power. It would fun to imagine what I might accomplish if I wasn’t interrupted.  I’m not sure I’d know what to do with myself!  It’s like meditating. I think I would be spooked by all the quiet solitude!


Daily Focus on Gun Sanity: Today was the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting. Unlike the March walk out that lasted for 17 minutes, this one was set to stay focused throughout the school day. It had 13 minutes of silence for the 13 murdered Columbine students, but unlike Parkland’s organized event, this one started at 10am in each time zone and was set to last the entire day. As the student organizer stated to the news: “…leaving and breaking up that schedule that all American students have every day is how you get people to pay attention.”  In other words, by interrupting the school day, the students got adult’s attention, just as they have learned to interrupt at home for years.  We taught them well.