Day 23, 733: The Highway of Good Intentions.

Today I finally made it back to the gym. Lately I ‘ve been averaging once a week – just one time a week despite best intentions.  I had been good at two times a week for some time, and my doctor strongly suggested I needed to really hit the gym 3-4 times a week. But instead of ramping up, I somehow ramped down.

Meanwhile, I’ve been studying the word “practice” and what makes something a practice versus a calling, a habit, or just an intention. After an exploration on terms with one of my weekly discussion mates, we came to the conclusion that a practice is a conscious decision to do something regularly versus the unconscious repetition of a habit.

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Exercising at the gym is not a habit, at least not yet. It’s more of an intention – something I always intend to do and frequently do not. Blogging is becoming a practice – something I count on myself to do regularly around the same time each night. I have to consciously put myself in the seat by the computer.

I also have a few habits and they’re not all bad ones. Getting coffee each morning and sipping a cup back in bed before starting each morning is a real habit. It’s how I start the day. I don’t meditate, but I do sit and sip in my PJs.

I don’t have a calling – at least one that I know of. I’m not that passionate about any one thing to call it a calling.

The problem with developing a practice is it seemingly contradicts my desire for flexibility and spontaneity. How do you commit to something daily and stay open to trying new things if those things come at you during your designated time of practice?  I haven’t completely solved this one yet, except to tell myself to be flexible with my practice so I can do other things as they arise. Being flexible doesn’t mean letting yourself off the hook; just to find another hour of the day to do the practice.

And that’s as far as I’ve gotten with it all.  Today marks the 74th day and post since I started this blog. I’m not committing to doing it daily for the rest of my life.  I would like to see if I could do it for a year. Meanwhile, I’m taking it one day at a time to see how far I can go, or how far it takes me. Thanks for being part of the journey.


Daily Focus on Gun Sanity: Here’s a spot from Inside Amy Schumer where the gun control advocate gives a quick take on what it might be like to sell guns on a home shopping type network.  Schumer became a control advocate after a July 2015 shooting at the premier of one of her movie Trainwreck in Louisiana, and she’s staying committed to being a voice for gun sanity.