Day 23, 732: Effects of The Magic Pill.

 It was Mary Poppins who sang “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.” In our house, it’s a piece of cheese, and the medicine is an arthritis pill for the dog.

Today was his first full day on a new medication. He’s already on a pain med, glucosamine liquid and some fish oil for his arthritic left hip. This weekend we picked up the next item in his increasingly complex morning concoction, aka breakfast, and what a difference a day makes.

On a horribly rainy day when everyone’s arthritis flares up, he is suddenly spotted trotting during his morning walk.  He has gone up and down the steps four times since I’ve come home, when getting up just once last week involved brazen bribery with a treasured treat. He’s a new man, or Little Man, as his dog walker likes to call him.

For those of us who like to indulge in healthy regimes including whole foods over medicinal drugs, it’s hard to deny the power of the prescription in our aging pup. I’m sure the magic of modern medicine has already bought him all of the last year, and certainly this past winter. I was worried about the upcoming summer, for what should be his best time of year. Now, I’m not. I think he’s got a good few more swims left in him before the lights go out.

I’ve always been impressed with vets who have to diagnose without speaking to their patients. Even though they get to speak to us, the people who live with our pets, we’re not reliable. Instead, they need to be intuitive and take cues from an up close and personal examination. It was a vet who first figured out our pup was gluten sensitive. The lack of that diagnosis previously is probably what landed him in a shelter. The correct diagnosis made it easy for him to stay with us forever more. Suddenly bowel control was a no brainer.

He’s led a good life so far. Now, with modern medicine, he may live farther and better than I originally hoped. The older cat is running rings around him, but he is the heart of the household. Even she admits it as she tries to snuggle in with him every night in his extra large bed. The sweet soul that he is, if he wakes, he’ll get out of bed to give her more space when her full 7 pounds hardly needs an ounce of more space. But his big heart gets him to take the hard floor even with his arthritis in deference to her stature as the elder statespet in the house. He’s a true gentleman.


Daily Focus on Gun Sanity: Do you know which state has the strictest gun controls in the nation?  It’s California, the same state that is working hard to also lead the way on climate control.  NJ is number two, but even in NJ more controls are well-regulated as opposed to legislated with state advocates now working to turn accepted state norms into law. The rankings are from a 2013 Brady study and shows the value of working local to enact change, or at least staying focused on change in your own backyard before going national. It’s why the Parkland kids first went to Tallahassee before DC. If you’re concerned with gun advocacy, take some time to find out or Google your state laws . You might be surprised at what you find and what you don’t.