Day 23,695:  Practicing Discretion vs. Valor.

There’s something about old people and weather. They watch it, listen to it, worry about, and let it stop them from all sorts of things.  Why?  Is it that falling on ice can be more fatal? That they’re not as steady on their feet even on sunny days? That they feel the cold more? Or, is it just that the weather channel and weather reporting has gotten more pervasive?

I worry about reacting like an old person to the weather as I find myself being more tentative than in the past. Take today’s latest Nor’easter hitting the east coast. Our area of South Jersey was largely in an eye, saving us from the brunt of most of the wind and weather, but not all of it. Work was on, and we all showed up on time  raring to go. Then the storm started working it’s way down to our end of the coast.

After a few truckers came in reporting on the state of the Garden State, I was still raring to go – home. And, I did – while I could still see the road and would still get home at a decent time even traveling at radically reduced speed.

Discretion is the better part of valor,” I said while exiting. And as I got increasingly north, the Parkway became more treacherous. It wasn’t plowed or salted, traffic was down to one lane, and half way home I was glad I left when I did. I wanted to feel wise. Instead, I was concerned.

Was I starting to worry about the weather the way old people did? Was leaving early discretion, showing the wisdom or age, or was it just being more chicken about big snowflakes? Do we start to avoid extreme weather conditions when we age just because we can?  Or, is it just fatigue in dealing with yet one more thing out of our control?  Since I feel more tired than wise, I vote for fatigue.

Since I didn’t get the day off like so many others, at least I’m home now before the dinner hour. And, if I’m not valorous, at least I’m warm and dry in the comfort of my own home and blogging away a little earlier than usual.  That means I can go to bed a little earlier than usual too, just like all the other older people!

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