Day 23,689: When Fate is in the Starts

I’m an upstart. I start up things. That’s the easy part for me. I’m also good at finishing things — if I can see the finish line. It’s the middle that’s a killer, gets boring, and seems endless with no end in sight. It’s the middle that will determine if I have to restart, can stay committed, or will have an opportunity to glimpse the finish line.

Part of the problem may be the hoopla associated with both beginnings and ends. We need more hoopla for middles.  January first is the beginning of a new year and when many people start resolutions.  There is little celebration for January 15, when it’s cold, the weather is dreary, and days turn dark in too short a time.

Here’s where football gets it right. There’s cheering for the kickoff. Cheers for completed throws. Excitement for First Downs, and happy dancing for touchdowns. The entire game provides opportunities for hope.  And, I’m not even a football fan, but you have to give the devil his due.

Perhaps the problem is that beginnings should be on less dramatic days, and be quieter — more like a toe in the water than a commitment to proceed. Then, abandonment of an effort would be perceived more as a quiet and perhaps wise withdrawal rather than an abject failure.

The truth is there’s no good time to ever start anything, but there are better times. This blog started on January 27. Sitting at a computer is a good January activity.  The test of my mettle will come in the warm weather when I’m more inclined to want to be outside.

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I have started but never finished a knitted sampler afghan, and now it can never be completed even if I pick it up again because no new wool will ever match.  My passion to learn new stitches with each new square was lost somewhere in the middle of square 12. I have not finished at least three different scrapbooks.  I finish many projects. I don’t finish many craft projects.  Maybe I should just face the fact I’m not a crafter.

There are many self-help books dedicated to starting new routines, developing new habits and changing old paradigms. I should get mad that I have to keep restarting diets, exercise routines, chiropractic visits, and never ending self care to be a better version of my current self.  I could get down on myself for never conquering some of my challenges.  But, my secret strength is I’m always willing to try again with a somewhat new regimen and have ongoing optimistic faith that I will eventually prevail. I’m an optimistic Crone.

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