Day 23,664: The Perpetual Intermediate

Throughout my life I have excelled at things, but I’ve never really become AN EXPERT at any one thing. I feel I am the perpetual intermediate. I have teetered on the edge of Expert many times, but then have fallen back into the solid intermediate range. Don’t start to argue with me. I have many examples.

I was able to ski the black diamond expert slopes for a year or two. It was never fully embraced with a great ski day being one in which I might do a black diamond two times in a day. I think I only did a double diamond once. I was always most comfortable on the blue trails and now would likely find green bunny slopes challenging as I’ve been off the slopes 2+ for decades.

I was very good at French for a few years, almost considered fluent. I had studied it since a very young age, did well in high school and continued in college. I visited France a few times and was able to be understood and complimented. But then I stopped. I started working, visiting non-French speaking places on vacations and fell way back into an Anglo just able to use a few French expressions here and there. I have started back and fallen off Duo Lingo, a great, free language learning site. I can attest that French does come back to you, but I am a solid intermediate by all tested rankings.

I’m not a gym rat though I go fairly regularly, but at the 1-2X per week level not the 5 times per week other dedicated souls put in.  ’m not a gourmet cook, though I’m dedicated to grain-free beef, sustainably raised chicken and cage free eggs. I do love my crock pot.

Some might say I’m an expert in my field since I’ve been practicing in it for several decades. I know what I’m talking about and am better than many, but it’s a field with so many areas of expertise that I am, at best, an extremely good generalist. There are many people better than me at each aspect of what I need to manage.  Here’s an example: I know Google Analytics well enough. The people who work for me know it better, and none of us are certified in it.

You might ask: Why do Grandmothers knit? Because they have the time! They also have the inclination. So, here’s my goal for my golden years – to stay committed to more than one thing in order to reach a real level of achievement. There are tons of success stories for me to stay committed from those who have gone before. Some are featured in the Senior Wonders book profiled  on the Next Avenue site – a site dedicated to thriving in the golden years. The book focuses on people who found their calling after age 60, with one after age 90! I haven’t read it yet. Don’t yet have the time, but it’s on my inspiration list.

Let me just say I don’t consider myself in my golden years yet.  I think I may be in silver, but I’m exploring what I want to exceed at so when I have the time I can study to finally be an expert at something. It’s a good goal n’est-ce pas?

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