Day 23,660:  Why I Sometimes Have Dragon’s Breath

I’ve heard much about spirit animals and spirit guides and am not sure who mine are. I know I was born under the sign of the dragon on the Chinese Calendar, with the dragon deemed to “a spiritual and cultural symbol that represents prosperity and good luck.”  I’ve had mostly good luck in my life, and am willing to be grateful for being born under such a good sign.

Years ago, when I consulted with a Feng Schui about my work environment, she advised putting up dragon symbols in various places. Many years later when a friend of mine spent vacation time in Wales, she brought me back a red dragon, the official country symbol proudly displayed on the Welsh flag. My red dragon sits proudly in my foyer, with a beautiful glass dragon dipped in gold sitting equally proudly in my bedroom.

Still, the dragon may or may not be my spirit animal at least in the sense that Native Americans honored spirits animals. Most Native American sites show animals common to the North American landscape from bears to beavers to deer and falcon.

This past weekend, our family recently expanded by one very real cat. She is my first grand pet. Her spirit has already infiltrated my daughter’s home, providing loud purrs and warm cuddles. My daughter claims that cat purrs are known to reduce human anxiety, so she is a welcome addition.

Generally people think of dogs when talking about therapy animals, but there seems to be evidence that cats are, indeed, good therapy animals as well. If some web sites can be believed, cats could be the true miracle modern medicine is looking for, helping to cure everything from high cholesterol to allergies and high blood pressure.

I’ve owned cats my entire life, independent of a few years while away at college. I’m officially allergic to them, but have managed the allergies by staying close to short-haired cats, and limiting petting sessions to short stints. I don’t know what it’s like to live without a cat, but I’m not sure they are my spirit animal either.  I just love having them in real life.

I’m not yet inclined to take the tests and find my spirit animal. For now, I’m happy with my symbolic dragons and real-life pets, including a black lab. My new grandpet is a black feline with a white chest marking.  She’s being named Luna, after the moon and was found signing to the night on her first night in her new home. I already love her for the peace she has brought into my daughter’s new home and wish her many years of serenity and joy. She has paid her dues, having been too many months in the local animal shelter.  May her newest abode be a real shelter for her for the hopefully many years she still has in this current lifetime.