Day 23K+: The Exploration of Nine

I’m now in my 65th year. If not now, when?

According to some time tables, I’m officially at retirement age – the age to pull back from the standard working life.  Perhaps, instead, it is the age to re-engage with the talents my inner self was previously avoiding.

Why the avoidance?  One is committed to success, fitting in, parenting, juggling to stay ahead of the curve. Perhaps retirement age is just embracing the curve as now there is little left to lose, and much to gain.

Having achieved crone’s age, it is appealing to fight it and work towards youthful aspirations — as I’ve been fighting beauty regimes all my life.  But, perhaps it’s a time to embrace a different type of beauty –both internal and external – the beauty of staying true to oneself.

That likely includes letting my hair go silver – not grey, silver.  Because age is a gift that is worth cherishing as my mother’s fine china and silver pieces. But, that is not yet for me as I am still working, fighting sterotypes and building bravery.

This is the year I am working towards retirement from my latest pursuits, so it’s the year I’m working towards increased bravery for the newest transition.  Perhaps it will include embracing silver hair as well.  Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I’m starting this diary.  It includes increased exploration of my personal devotions – from Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle and Tarot cards to Lisa Lister’s book Witch. It will include at some point increased study of religion – my own Judaism to Buddhism, a practice that I’ve heard increases appreciation of other followings.

It will include renewed development of my own Candle Devotions, some of which will be shared here as well as my continued fascination with color, particularly when choosing candles for certain devotions.

For now, this diary is a beginning – a start. But it’s not day one. It’s day 23K+, the number of days I’ve been on this earth.  I don’t yet have an accurate count as I haven’t done my math right. In doing a quick count, I haven’t included leap days/years, so one of my first goals is to get an accurate count. That’s my first piece of business to get in order.

However, today is January 27.  I was born on August 27. Twenty-seven seems to be my day regardless of year or perhaps month.  I’ve long been a dabbler in numerology, so this will also delve into the magic of numbers as well.

Twenty-seven in numerology equates to 9. According to, nine has many interesting philosophical intricacies due to it’s properties when multiplied or added to other numbers. The sites states: “The last of the cardinal numbers, the 9 is the most worldly and sophisticated of all numbers.”

Finally, the site notes when affiliated with a cycle – “9 cycles does suggest is that you are in the final stages of a period or endeavor, that you need to empty your bucket and prepare for the new and that there are opportunities to make a difference.” So it’s appropriate, it seems that I start this endeavor on a nine day of this new year as it is my year of transformation yet again.  There are no coincidences.

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